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Early Termination of Lease

30 Day Written Notice

Contact Numbers

If there is a maintenance problem-

If you notice a problem, please report it right away. Some problems will get worse if left unchecked, such as dry rot and leaks. Tenants may be held liable for damages caused by un-reported problems.

You have reported the problem, and no one has contacted you-

If a repairman has not contacted you to schedule an appointment call or email us right away, so that we may address the problem.

An Appointment is made, but you cant make it-

Please be sure to keep your appointment. If for some reason you are not able to, you can call the office and reschedule or you can give your permission for the repairman to enter your property with a key.

The Repairman did not show up for the appointment-

If no one showed up at the time that was scheduled please call us so that we may address the problem.

The repair was done, but did not hold-

If for some reason the repair did not hold, please call us immediately and we will send a repairman or new vendor to fix it.

The repair is complete-

            If the repair is complete, call and let us know so that we can make notation in your file.



Tenants will be held responsible for  any repairs that are due to negligence and/or abuse.
The following are reasons an appliance may stop working due to tenant neglect.
Garbage Disposal-

Attempting to dispose of unacceptable stuff (e.g. chicken skin, celery, eggshells, onion skins, artichokes, bones, potato peels, and much more).

Placing too much matter in the dispsal at once.

Not running enough water while using the disposal.



Not rinsing dishes, or leaving food on dishes.

Running the dishwasher less than once a month, which will cause the seals to dry out.



Using oven cleaner on self-cleaning oven, which ruins the interior surface.

Grease accumulation on or around the burners, which can cause electrical fires.

Food spills and overflows, which can clog the burner lines and ruin the elements.


 Central Heat/ Air-

Failure to change the filter every two to three months can lead to emission of dangerous fumes, as well as higher heating and a/c bills.



Leaving the damper closed when starting a fire.

Using lighter fluid on wood.

Building too large a fire for the size of the fireplace.

Leaving the screen and/or doors open while a fire or embers are still burning, which can spark on carpets and cause burn marks.



Foreign objects dropped down the toilet.

Using excessive amounts of toilet tissue at one time.

Flushing inappropriate matter (e.g. cigarette butts, paper towels, q-tips, etc.)

Grease and hair build-up in pipes.

Not using a fan or opening a window while showering, which can cause mildew.

Water splashing out of the tub/shower, which can damage the floors and ceilings, and cause dry rot.


Telephone Wiring Damage-

Additional telephone jacks/wiring is NOT permitted without prior written approval. If approved, a professional technician must do the installation and removal.



Over stuffing, which can cause the sliding doors to slip off track and break.

Excessive weight hanging on the clothing rods, cause the rods to fall and break.


Garbage Disposals-

If your garbage disposal is not working properly or has clogged up, try pressing the reset button located either on the bottom or side of the disposal. Please Do Not Use the disposal for potato peels, carrot peels, or any leafy vegetables that are thin enough to slip through the blades and clog the drain. Tenants will be responsible for the plumber's charges to clear the drain, which is normally $60.


Heat/ Air Conditioner-

If it is an electric unit, shut off all the switches at the breaker box, wait several minutes and then turn them all back on again. Are you enrolled in the Peak Corp Program? If you are, your system may be "cycled" by SMUD without your knowledge or your control. Another tip is to change your heating/ air conditioning filter. Clogged filters cause the system to work harder and restrict the flow of air through the ducts.


Electrical Problems-

Flip all the breakers to the "off" position, wait a few minutes and flip them back on. There is also a ground fault interrupter, which is designed to protect outlets from electrical shock and detect currents of a few milliamperes, which will trip the breaker at the receptacle or at the breaker panel to remove the shock hazard.

GFI's are required in newer homes by the electrical code for receptacles in bathrooms and some kitchens. If your electrical outlets in the bathroom, kitchen, garage or outside are not functioning, try pushing the rest button on the outside of the master plug. The master plug can be found in the kitchen and/or bathrooms. In some older homes they are found in the garage, or even outside.


Range/ Oven

If it is a gas unit, call the gas company first. At times PG&E can fix small problems, such as the pilot light, for no charge.


Windows/ Screens-

Windows and screens damaged during the tenancy are your responsibility. If glass is broken, immediate replacement must be made with like-kind materials and quality. You may assign repairs that are your responsibility, but a professional job is expected. No deductions from rent will be permitted nor reimbursements of any kind made unless specific arragements are made in advance.

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