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Serving Southern San Luis Obispo County, California
Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Oceano, Nipomo

           Emergency Contact Numbers

If you find you have a health or safety related emergency develop while our office is closed you may contact the following licensed service people to assist you, with no payment necessary.

We trust your judgment as our tenant in assessing this as both an urgently needed service & one not allowed to develop due to your long term neglect. If for some reason you find these contractors unavailable to you, you may contact a licensed provider in the Yellow Pages by paying for the service yourself, noting the exact day & time you needed to contact the alternate provider, & saving the receipt for deduction approval from your next rent payment.

Plumbing:      Emerald Plumbing  481-0205 or 458-1729     

Electrical:       BC Electric  481-7135 or 441-3220                         
                 (If you are experiencing a partial power outage, that is not restorable by the usual circuitbreaker     box method, please try resetting your GFI switch first!)


Arroyo Grande Fire Dept.  473-5490  &  Police Dept.  473-5100

Grover Beach Fire Dept.  473-4590  &  Police Dept.  473-4511

Pismo Beach Fire Dept.  773-7031  &  Police Dept.  773-2208

Oceano Fire Dept.  481-6730  &  Police Dept.  481-4550

San Luis Obispo Fire Dept.  781-7380  &  Police Dept.  781-7313

Los Osos Fire Dept.  528-1053  &  Police Dept.  781-4550

Morro Bay Fire Dept.  772-6242  &  Police Dept.  772-6225 

The Fire Department can be called if your house has flooded and you need assistance with sandbags, etc. The Police Department can be called for noise complaints.

Utility Numbers

SBC (phone service) - 800-310-2355

Verizon (phone service) -

Pacific Gas & Electric (electric services only to all areas) -

City of Arroyo Grande
(water) - 805-473-5438

City of Grover Beach
(water) - 805-473-4550

City of Pismo Beach
(water) - 805-773-4655

City of Oceano
(water) - 805-481-6730

City of San Luis Obispo
(water) - 805-528-2287

Southern Cal. Gas Co.
(gas services to all area) - 800-427-2200

South County Disposal
 (mandatory pick-up to all areas) - 805-489-4246

Charter Communications
(Digital Cable & High Speed Internet) - 866-499-8080

Nipomo Community Service District (water services) - 805-929-1133

Rural Water (for Cypress Ridge tenants) - 805-481-8432

For Avila Beach, Los Osos & SLO Country Club addresses: tenants please discuss

the individual handling of your rental directly with Pope Mgt.

Pope Management
"Quality Property Management Since 1980"

715 E Grand Ave. Suite B
Arroyo Grande, CA 94320
Office: 805.481.6999  Fax: 805.481.8226

Condo, Apartments and Townhome Rentals available in  Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Shell Beach, San Luis Obispo, Los Osos, Oceano, and Nipomo.


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