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Request for Early Termination of Lease


Dated:  __________  


Property: ____________________________


Tenant: _________________________        


Lease expiration date: ________________      Move-out date: ______________


Monthly Rent: __________________      Security Deposit on file: ­­______________



I/We, the undersigned, are requesting an early termination of my/our lease for the above rental property. I/We understand that the conditions of release include an early termination fee.


I/We understand that Pope Mgt. will not begin the application process for the replacement tenant until this signed form has been returned along with the early termination fee of $500.00 payable to Pope Mgt.


I/We understand that I/we will be responsible for paying rent on the first day of each month until the unit is re-rented and a new lease has been signed.


If and when a replacement tenant is found, Pope Mgt will credit any excess rent paid (calculated from the new lease start date) to my/our security deposit return.


In addition to any applicable charges for cleaning and/or damages, I/we understand that the following associated costs will be deducted from our security deposit:


1.       All costs for advertising to find a replacement tenant.







______________________                _______________________

Tenant                     (date)             Tenant                 (date)







Pope Mgt                               (date)

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